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BMW R1250 R Reimagined by Renard

Renard’s Latest Reimagined Motorcycle Is A Custom BMW R1250 R With Ducati Parts

Renard is your one-stop-shop for custom BMW motorcycles, clothing, and BBQ.

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Renard Speed Shop offers more than just custom-built BMW motorcycles. The garage moonlights as a clothing shop and BBQ restaurant. Locals may stay for the cool threads and grub, but most of us want to see Renard’s latest two-wheeled masterpiece. This new custom motorcycle is a BMW R1250 R reimagined by Renard Speed Shop into a luxurious city cruiser bike.

The Renard BMW R1250 R custom motorcycle features BMW’s reengineered 1250cc boxer engine. This four-stroke engine offers variable camshaft control called BMW ShiftCam to deliver the best performance at any speed producing a healthy 136-horsepower and 105 lb.-ft of torque. It boasts plenty of power to reach speeds over 125 mph. Thus, it became the ideal powertrain for Renard to build a custom bike.

The Renard BMW R1250 R features hand-crafted body panels made out of aluminum. Renard used 3D printing technology to create the bike’s front suspension cover and lattice, detailed to a perfect shine. The bespoke wheels are hand-made by Jonich Wheels in Italy. Its boxer engine now sings through a set of Akrapovic titanium mufflers taken from a Ducati Panigale Superleggera. When compared to a standard BMW R1250 R motorcycle, the reimagined Renard looks several years ahead in the future with a more aggressive stance and engineering that doubles as functional art.

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BMW R1250 R Reimagined by Renard

BMW R1250 R Reimagined by Renard

$ N/A
  • Engine: 1250cc Boxer
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Max Torque: 105 lb.-ft
  • Max Power: 136-hp