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Hookie Co. Cobra

The Hookie Co. Cobra 3D-Printed Body Kit Turns The BMW R NineT Into A Cyber Cafe Racer

The Hookie Co. Cobra Adds a Digital flare to the BMW R NineT.

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$ 41,100+

Hookie Co. has recently unveiled its limited-edition radical design body kit for the BMW R NineT motorcycle. The body kit is called the Cobra series and is constructed using CAD-designed, 3D-printing technology to create the bespoke body panels for the R NineT. The Hookie Co. Cobra series gas tank cover is 3D-printed and features a new seat and front fairing with a minimalist theme for the rear fairing to expose the R NineT 1,170cc boxer engine. What Hookie Co. has done with the Cobra series is turn a BMW R NineT into a cyber café racer.

This sci-fi nip-tuck body kit is finished in a dark gray gloss to match the bike’s mechanical heart. Upfront, a set of bronze column fork tubes cut through the dark gray in contrast like lightning flashing through a storm. Hookie Co. Cobra offers customers the opportunity to personalize their Cobra from five different accent colors: toxic red, electric yellow, stealth pattern, dark copper, and ice blue. Hookie Co. is currently accepting pre-orders for the Cobra, and customers can expect to wait six to eight weeks for production time before being shipped worldwide. Price includes a new BMW R NineT motorcycle, but pre-order now because the Hookie Co. Cobra series is a limited production of only ten units.

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Hookie Co. Cobra

$ 41,100+
  • Engine: 1170cc Two-Cylinder Boxer, Four-Stroke
  • Transmission: 6-Speed
  • Power: 100 HP
  • Top Speed: 125 MPH