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Hookie Co. Yard Built Yamaha XSR700

Hookie Co. Yard Built Yamaha XSR700

Blending old- and new-world design, Hookie Co. gives the classic and infinitely customizable XSR700 a decidedly modern feel.

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This isn’t your typical throwback bike. The Dresden-based Hookie Co. gave the classic small-displacement XSR700 a decidedly modern feel. They built a 9-liter aluminum fuel tank covered by yellow, translucent acrylic panels with LED lights replacing the cover panels. There’s a new seat on an aluminum pan covered with waterproof Alcantara fabric. A 17-inch wheel is set with Pirelli MT60 tires featuring larger treads, making this XSR700 ideal for off-road riding.

Nicknamed the “grasshopper,” this limited-edition bike beautifully blends old- and new-world design. (Although, it does have us scratching our heads, thinking “if going the modern route, why not start with a less expensive MT07 as the base?”) The panels are carefully cut by hand, sanded and mounted with 3D-printed, ultra-light thermoplastic polymers. The taillight is decidedly of this century, using the same acrylic imbued with LED lighting and illuminating turn and brake signals. Handlebars, speedo, and suspension are unchanged, while OEM side covers and Yamaha’s after-market radiator covers respect the bike’s history.