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Ferris Modular Organizer

Ferris Modular Organizer

This magnetic modular system is a unique, streamlined, and customizable way to keep your daily essentials organized.

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$ 29+

Never seem to find your keys or phone? Despite what you might claim, no, it’s not the world conspiring against you to make you late all the time. You need a way to keep everything organized, right there by the front door, something like the Ferris Modular Organizer. Just take everything when you leave and put it all back when you come in.

Taking the form of a magnetic modular organizer, you can choose from the KeyLoop, KeyFolio, or ModWallet for your various needs. Stack, rearrange, and free up individual items instantly with no tools. The secure, patent-pending MagLock system can hold 5 lbs of weight. And the ModStation holds all these items together by your front door (or anywhere you’d like, actually).