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The New GigaDrive SSD Delivers Read/Write Speeds Of 2,800 MB/s

GigaDrive is a new rugged external SSD that not only provides extremely fast transfer speeds but is also resistant to water, dust, and shocks.

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With an overwhelming amount of data and content out there, external solid-state drives are becoming more and more essential. They are also getting faster, as demonstrated by a new SSD called GigaDrive that claims speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s thanks to its architecture and the Thunderbolt 4– and USB4-compatible port. Tapping into these two next-gen connections, GigaDrive offers higher bandwidth, allowing for faster transfer speeds. It comes with an IP67 rating to withstand even the toughest conditions – be it dust, coffee, rain, or an accidental drop.

With three capacity options (1TB, 2TB, and 4TB) available, GigaDrive will serve users for years to come — from childhood photos, summer vacation video footage, to computer games and work files. The DRAM cache chip and aluminum shell proprietary design ensure steady performance and heat dissipation, without endangering data. The GigaDrive is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, where it has already smashed its $15,000 goal, raising over $375,000 with 26 days remaining in the campaign. Pledges start at $153 for the 1TB model, $219 for 2TB, and $359 for 4TB, with shipping set to begin in July 2021.

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