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AlphaESS BlackBee 2000

AlphaESS Launches The BlackBee 2000

Efficient, reliable power for residential and commercial use.

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$ 1,534+

A quality power station can be an invaluable addition to any home or business. The AlphaESS BlackBee 2000 is a top-level power station unlike any other. It offers efficient and reliable power anywhere needed, from the backyard to the campsite, the workplace, and inside the home. This remarkable power station features ultra-fast 1200W AC charging, a 95 percent depth of charge, 95 percent inverter efficiency, and a 1600W power output. This product can power devices, appliances, lighting, and more much longer than the competition. The AlphaESS BlackBee 2000 can charge a smartphone 40,000 times and a refrigerator for 12,800 hours on one cycle. It can power up to 15 devices at once.

The BlackBee 2000’s power comes from its German Automotive Standard VDA battery and battery management system with NXP automotive-grade chip. The 2203Wh capacity and 2040W output allow it to power anything from major tools to kitchen appliances and computers. Most importantly, the power provided by the AlphaESS BlackBee 2000 is safe for all the items you need to power. It includes over-voltage protection, over current protection, overload protection, input under voltage protection, and a variety of other safety features. Ninety-five percent inverter efficiency means reduced energy consumption to save time, money, and the environment. The AlphaESS BlackBee 2000 is currently on Kickstarter with estimated delivery of September 2022.

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