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SuperBase Pro

The Portable SuperBase Pro Is Designed To Get You Through A Power Outage And More

SuperBase Pro has 14 ports for drawing power, including six AC outlets and four USB-C ports.

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$ 1299+

Meet the power source set to transform the world — or at least give new meaning to power banks. Recently launched on Indiegogo, the SuperBase Pro offers everything any busy person needs to keep their mobile devices and appliances charged no matter what the location or situation. This is the portable power station people dream about when trapped in a power outage that never seems to end. With a whopping 14 output channels, it charges up to 80% in just an hour — and a full charge takes just two hours to complete. It is even solar-compatible, giving eco-minded folks a greener option.

What’s more, it stands apart from the average power bank for its amazing charging capabilities. Never mind charging a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. This powerhouse goes above and beyond, powering everything from those basics to your washing machine, microwave, coffee machine, and so much more. Although it is a cinch in a power outage, it is a must for camping, and it even doubles as a backup charger for an electric car.

There is even an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which ensures that devices continue to charge if the power goes out. The power station picks up the slack right away, preventing damage to valuable electrical equipment. Then there is the portability factor. Much like a suitcase, it has a shock-resistant outer case, wheels, and a handle, so it can easily be moved around. Use the companion app to control it and take advantage of an array of additional features, from activating sleep mode to getting low-battery notifications.

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