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Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged w/ Air Compressor

Mophie Debuts Its New Powerstation Go Rugged With Air Compressor

The Mophie Powerstation Go can charge two devices simultaneously while also serving as an air compressor.

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Power outlets are not always immediately available while people are out on the road, playing and exploring away from the amenities of civilization. The same holds true for business people who are out in the field meeting with clients away from the home office. But when a power supply is easily transported by hand, it allows business travelers as well as adventurers the freedom to take their time, going where they please without the fear of running out of electricity. The Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged With Air Compressor bills itself as a rugged, portable battery with USB-A ports, air compressor, and car jump starter, suitable for use while traveling by boat, car, or truck.

With a built-in 55.5 mWh battery, the Mophie Powerstation Go has two USB-A ports, which will recharge a laptop and smartphone at the same time. But while out and about, other power needs arise that this device can also take care of. Tablets and gaming systems also can run from 55.5 mWh of stored power. Mophie’s Powerstation Go includes an air compressor with different interchangeable air nozzles, so it can pump up air mattresses to make a camping trip more comfortable. It is also ideal for inflating a vehicle’s tires. It even has enough power to jumpstart a full-size truck’s dead battery. During nighttime emergencies, the Powerstation Go provides illumination with an LED floodlight.

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