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Mophie Powerstation Plus XL Wireless

Mophie’s New Powerstation Is Godsend For Apple Users

The versatile 8,000mAh Mophie powerstation can charge multiple devices at once using a USB-A port, Lightning cable, and wireless charging.

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What’s worse than going to check your notifications and seeing the dreaded red battery icon? We’ve all been there. Despite leaving the phone plugged in all night the battery is almost shot before the workday is even over. Outside of the office, maybe you’re out at a music festival and all those memories you’re snapping pictures of end up draining your battery faster than you expected. Work or play, whatever the issue is, a wireless charger that will restore your phone quickly is a godsend. The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL Wireless gives you that saving grace.

The Mophie powerstation offers multiple charging options for devices on the Apple ecosystem. The first is an integrated lightning cable. This way you can charge your iPhone easily and effectively. Whether tossing the two devices in a backpack or on the car seat next to you, the cable connection is a breeze to use. If your device accepts wireless charging, simply place the device onto the powerstation. 18W charging gives up to 42 extra hours of life to an iPhone Xs. A USB-A port even enables the 18W charging of multiple devices at once for when your Airpods, Apple Watch, and iPhone all have low batteries at the same time.