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Apple Launches Its International Collection Of Sport Loop Bands, Representing 22 Nations Around The World

The limited-edition Sport Loop Bands feature 22 unique and colorful designs to represent those nations across the globe.

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Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics taking place this month, and in celebration of athletes across the globe, Apple has unveiled 22 new Sport Loop Bands as part of its new, limited-edition “International Collection.” The bands in the collection are inspired by the flags of 22 different nations around the world. Apple has taken the dominant flag colors from each and applied them to the band. Each band also features a matching downloadable Stripes watch face showcasing color combinations. Apple says that global customers can use these to personalize their Apple Watch and boldly show their country support. Additionally, customers can download any of the 22 watch faces from apple.com and also use Face Sharing to share with other Apple Watch users.

Soft, breathable, and lightweight, the bands feature a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment. The double-layer nylon weave has dense loops on the skin side that provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. On the reverse side, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability. Each of the new Sport Loop bands is available in both 40mm and 44mm sizes. The matching Watch faces require an Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch SE, or later. Apple said in a statement that the range of bands being offered was made “to celebrate the indescribable drive and competitive spirit of all athletes and fans.”

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