Halo Wireless Phone Charger

The beautiful and highly functional nano-suction stand Halo Desk now has wireless charging.

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Founded by a trio of young and ambitious high-tech visionaries, Halo’s first goal was to create a simple smartphone stand that looked as great as it worked. The result was the Halo Desk, a beautiful and highly functional nano-suction stand.

The newly released Halo Wireless Phone Charger takes the Halo Desk a step further by incorporating wireless charging capabilities into each unit. This product supports built-in Qi wireless charging devices, such as the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as external wireless receiver modules, which can be added to older iPhone releases and devices such as the Google Pixel. Simply attach your phone to the Halo Wireless Phone Charger via its vacuum powered suction ring and let this exceptional device do the rest. Red and blue LED lights shows you the level of power and connectivity between the charger and your phone.

Like the Halo Desk, the Halo Wireless Charger is carved from solid wood with grain patterns that stay true to the individual trees that produced them, making each product one of a kind.