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ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator

ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator Rescues Drivers In A Pinch

Four times faster than the competition.

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A flat tire is a major nuisance, but it doesn’t have to ruin the day. The ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator takes the stress out of dealing with a flat tire, so drivers can still make it to work, kids’ soccer games, and date nights on time. ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator designers see numerous flaws with traditional inflators. Electric tire inflators take up to 15 minutes to inflate a tire and produce a lot of noise, while other models have a complicated cord design and require an AC-DC power supply. Portable tire inflators typically work for less than 25 minutes straight, needing a recharge before filling more than one or two tires. They are also surprisingly inaccurate.

The ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator solves the above issues by inflating four times faster than traditional tire inflators (up to 32L/min) and harnessing twice the battery capacity. Accurate, three-minute inflation means the driver is back on the road quicker than if they hit a traffic jam. Arguably the best feature of the Portable Tire Inflator is not a technical detail. This portable inflator is so compact that users can load it into a backpack and take it on bike adventures and camping excursions. Consumers may purchase it for tires, but they’ll use it for birthday balloons, air mattresses, basketballs, and more. The ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator is available on Kickstarter with estimated delivery of September 2022.

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