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HOTO Unveils Its New Portable Electric Tire Inflator

HOTO’s tire inflator provides powerful inflation up to 150psi/10.3bar.

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A relative newcomer in the tool and gadget marketplace, HOTO is focused on creating functional gadgets with sleek and stylish design, well-suited for a modern lifestyle. HOTO, short for home tools, has won countless international design awards, and the HOTO Portable Electric Tire Inflator is sure to be among the favorite new designs released this year. The Portable Electric Tire Inflator comes with a wireless Lithium-Ion battery to provide long-lasting performance and available power in the event of an emergency. The rechargeable battery design features two 2500mAh batteries that can fully inflate 2.5 tires on a single, full charge. This high-precision air pump promises fast inflation, filling an empty car tire in just 8.5 minutes.

The portable tire inflator has an auto cut-off feature that automatically fills a tire to a pre-set pressure within 0.05 bar accuracy. Ideal for emergencies, the HOTO Portable Electric Tire Inflator also comes equipped with an LED emergency light. While the device is designed to work for a vehicle tire, there are up to five different modes that allow for inflating the tires of a bike, car, motorbike, as well as a ball, or a customized mode that allows the user to pre-set inflation automation.

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