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Xerolithi House by Sinas Architects

Blending Flawlessly With Nature, Sinas Architects Present Xerolithi House

The architect’s primary design objective was to create a structure that would blend in with its natural environment — needless to say, he nailed it.

The island of Serifos off the coast of Greece is known for its characteristic Cycladic architecture — white-washed cube houses built next to and on top of one another. Making a departure from this style of architecture is the Xerolithi House by Sinas Architects, a 2,600 square foot residence with sinuous lines and a stone façade that blends seamlessly into the island’s wild natural landscape. The geometry of the house follows the lines of the topography and the structure is nearly invisible from afar as it naturally becomes a part of the landscape. Drawing inspiration from the existing ancient short stone retaining walls on the property, called xerolithies, Sinas Architects mimics these walls on the front and back facades of the residence. They start low and gradually develop a sufficient height for the house to take form. They then move gently closer and away from the slope and independently from one another, forming spaces in between them. To complete the “xerolithia” likeness, the roof of the house is covered with dirt and vegetation imitating the surrounding landscape.

The Xerolithi House is used primarily as a summer home, consisting of the main house with a living room, dining space, open kitchen, and a master bedroom. The guest house boasts two independent guest bedrooms. The residence does incorporate a typical Cycladic element in its design with the inclusion of wooden pergolas. They consist of raw wooden beams and columns with bamboo covers. This element also appears in the interior of the house, on the ceiling. Used along the entire length of the structure, inside and out, the beams supporting the home could not run parallel to each other; rather, they follow the structure’s curves, akin to vertebrae on a spinal column. The bamboo has been knitted in a fishbone manner creating a unique pattern with beautiful shading. Overlooking the Aegean, Xerolithi House is no doubt a welcome getaway for the owners of this unique home.

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