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Twelve South Forté

Twelve South Launches The Forté, A MagSafe Charger Stand

Up your MagSafe charging game with this affordable charging stand.

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$ 40

Accessory maker Twelve South has just released its Forté, a new wireless charging stand specifically designed for the iPhone 12 lineup and the Apple MagSafe Charger. The stand is designed to play host to Apple’s charger, so one needs to keep this in mind if you plan on picking the Forté up. Simply snap your MagSafe Charger into Forté and you instantly have a clever way to dock your iPhone 12 while it wirelessly charges at a speedy 15 watts. With the ability to hold a phone either vertically or horizontally for hands-free use, one is able to participate in FaceTime calls while your phone charges.

Additionally, with its adjustable head, the platform of the Forté tilts up to 70-degrees to create the perfect viewing angle or charging pedestal for your AirPods. The MagSafe technology means the Forté can hold an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max. There is a small cutout groove in the stand of the wireless charging stand, which is big enough to house the MagSafe Charger’s thin cable. It won’t be completely hidden by any means, but, at least near the stand itself, it should be out of the way for daily use.

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