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Tactile Turn Overlander

The Rugged Overlander Is Tactile Turn’s Latest Addition To Its Titanium Pen Collection

The Tactile Turn Overlander has a base material of lightweight titanium with a Cerakote coating.

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$ 149

As the latest release in their titanium pen collection, Tactile Turn is introducing their new Cerakote finish. This Matte OD Green Cerakote Body Tactile Turn Overlander is inspired by off-roaders and nature alike. It is designed for the person who loves tough pens and remote destinations. The Overlander was created to match off-road or backpacking gear along with many other materials. It has a matte finish with just a subtle reptilian scale feature on the pen clip itself. The Cerakote coating is what makes this pen different and serves as the foundation of its technical benefits. For example, the ceramic surface of this titanium pen, the Cerakote, effectively makes it ultra-resilient once it has been cured.

The Tactile Turn Overlander is scratch, temperature, chemical, and abrasion-resistant (though not proof). Abuse or hard wear will still show up. However, this extremely tough coating doesn’t mean it’s heavy or thick. In fact, the pen is still lightweight and easy-to-hold. The Overlander comes in three sizes, standard, short, and mini. This is a limited seasonal release by Tactile Turn, so expect it to be similar to previous seasonal releases and sell out pretty quickly. While there are not a limited number of pens, they will only be available through May 18th for purchase.

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