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‘Montblanc: Inspire Writing’ by Alexander Fury

Assouline Releases ‘Montblanc: Inspire Writing’ By Alexander Fury

This is a must-read for writing instrument fans, as well as art, history, and handwriting buffs.

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Serious writers tend to look for inspiration wherever and whenever they can get it. They are not picky – sometimes it is a conversation they overhear on the subway that really gets that creative spark going. Other times it is something that they’re watching on television that plants the seed that will soon grow into the flower of a wonderful story. But other times still it is that writing instrument that they use – the pen that is their connection to that storytelling side of their brain – that really gets things going.

For the type of people who fall into that last category, ‘Montblanc: Inspire Writing’ by Alexander Fury is the book they never knew they needed. Fashion journalist, author, and critic, Alex Fury, presents an extensive picture of the Montblanc — one of the finest luxury writing instruments ever created. The book is complete with reams of archival images, historical documents, and classic new visuals. ‘Montblanc: Inspire Writing’ is the type of book that is ideal for people who themselves aim at excellence, but who always want to do so by leaving their individual mark on the world around them — one filled with the flair and style that really sets them apart from everyone else. ‘Montblanc: Inspire Writing’ by Alexander Fury reviews the comprehensive history of the Montblanc and perfectly illustrates how it continues to inspire people even today, decades after it first hit the market.

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