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They say the pen is mightier than the sword and we’re inclined to agree, especially when the pen you’re using is sleek in its design and innovative in its engineering. Despite being a tool we take for granted on a daily basis, the pen is a profoundly impactful instrument that is a necessity for anyone working to leave their mark. We’ve rounded up seven of our favorites that will make a lasting impression.

Schon DSGN Classic Machined Pen

The Schon DSGN Classic Machined Pen is a reliable pen that makes a bold impression. Writers have their choice of 11 lustrous finishes made from aluminum, brass, stainless steel, brass, copper or titanium. From the gleaming polish of the metal, to the weight it brings, to the momentum behind the carrying stroke, these pens bring a touch of sophistication to mundane daily tasks.

The quality of the pen is evident in every aspect of the design, from its durability to its exceptional maneuverability. As a bonus, Schon DSGN includes a notebook with each purchase.

Machine Era Pen

Machine Era Co.’s original brass pen provides a comfortable feel for everyday use. The solid brass finish develops a unique patina with use to provide a worn-in look that appears as comfortable as the pen feels in your hand. Its threaded cap offers a compact design that is convenient for everyday carry. Along with that convenience, the pen utilizes the beloved Pilot G2 cartridge, one of the most popular choices for a smooth finish ink.

Machine Era Co.’s precision machined pen is an excellent medium weight option to add to your EDC. From its perfectly balanced weight to its warm brass finish, it leaves a lasting impression.

Baron Fig Squire Rollerball

This New York based boutique specializes in artisanal tools tailored for the deep thinker. And their Squire Rollerball is designed with that customer in mind. The aluminum rollerball pen offers a simplistic design that is both ergonomically comfortable and fully functional. It’s sleek twist-to-open design alleviates any concerns over juggling a cap, making it easy to quickly jot any thoughts that may pop into your head down onto one of their complementary notebooks.

Ensso Piuma Minimalist Fountain Pen

Ensso provides the first fountain pen on this list. Their black aluminum Piuma Minimalist Fountain Pen is a departure from the typical and superfluously ornate decor often adorning these classical pens. Shedding all those unnecessary components puts the focus of the pen on how smoothly it writes. The meticulous yet simple capped design is a perfect addition for anyone who wants to enjoy an unassuming touch of extravagance.

Traveler’s Company Brass Ballpoint Pen

Traveler’s Company’s contribution to this month’s Edit is another excellent option for those preferring the ease of control of a ballpoint pen.  The exquisite Japanese craftsmanship of their Brass Ballpoint Pen is evident when you pick it up, as it weighs in at only 0.64 oz. That light weight allows the ballpoint pen to write easily while its soft brass finish offers a balance of comfort and durability.

Stilform KOSMOS

The Stillform KOSMOS holds the unique distinction of being a three-time award winner. The KOSMOS won the German Design Award 2019, the iF Design Award 2018, and the Red Dot Design Award 2016 for its revolutionary design inspired by the sacred geometry of the golden ratio. Simply shifting the pen’s cap opens its tip to put pen to paper while maintaining the balance of its durable aluminum alloy. That material gives a foundation to its tungsten tip, making the pen an inevitable heirloom.

INVENTERY Mechanical Pen

Inventery’s Mechanical Pen is uniquely engineered from a single brass rod, giving it a solid foundation for its innovative design. Weighing in at only 57 grams and measuring 5 inches in length, the pen’s tip is revealed with a silent click of its real brass tip. Unlike other pens in this edition of The Edit,  the unibody design of INVENTERY’S Mechanical Pen is best suited for desk use alone. The company recommends complimenting its pen with a protective sleeve for on the go use and provides options to meet that demand.