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LEGO Ideas Starry Night set

LEGO Presents Its 3D Starry Night Set

This is the latest fan-submitted idea to be brought to life thanks to the LEGO Ideas platform.

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LEGO has announced the upcoming release of its LEGO Ideas Starry Night set on June 1. This new set is a tribute to van Gogh’s famous impressionist painting, inspired by the view from his window at the Monastery of Saint-Paul de Mausole asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. Hong Kong-based LEGO fan, Truman Cheng, submitted the concept on the LEGO Ideas platform, and LEGO worked with the designer to create the stunning three-dimensional set. The LEGO Ideas Starry Night set emphasizes Van Gogh’s brush strokes and color choices and even includes a van Gogh miniature figure, holding a palette, with a mini painting sitting on a tiny easel.

Cheng says he was playing with LEGO bricks when he discovered he could simulate van Gogh’s brush strokes with random LEGO brick intervals and by creatively using the brackets and clip elements. Art lovers can re-create van Gogh’s masterpiece from the stars, moon, and swirling clouds to the village below, in LEGO bricks. The LEGO Group also launched another competition in partnership with MoMA encouraging fans to submit mini LEGO builds inspired by the night’s sky. Winning designs will become part of a summer installation in the lobby at MoMA. Sarah Suzuki, Associate Director at MoMA, says the museum celebrates this opportunity to connect art and audiences and inspire creativity. The LEGO Ideas Starry Night set can be preordered on May 25th exclusively for MoMA members and LEGO VIPs.

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