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Instant Regret Vodka

Not For The Faint Of Heart: Instant Regret Vodka

Added to the bottle is a concoction of spice along with naga chili that adds up to 100k on the Scoville scale.

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$ 32

Instant Regret Vodka is a hot topic. Is it a practical joke or the real deal? The controversy swirls around the insanely spicy ingredient in this Vodka, which is an unfortunate number of hot chili peppers. Naga chili peppers are notoriously the hottest peppers known to humankind. Native to Northeast India and Bangladesh, it seems that the makers of Instant Regret went out of its way to ensure that this vodka lives up to its name. There are even rumors—unfounded, yet worrying—that Naga chilis eaten in abundance can have fatal consequences. So if living dangerous is a goal, then this product may be of assistance.

Of course, taken in stride, this vodka could come in handy. In particular, those who favor their bean chili spicy might appreciate the minute quantities of Instant Regret Vodka needed to achieve said spicy effect. At 40% alcohol level, it could even be safely assumed that anyone who ate bean chili with Instant Regret Vodka as an ingredient might actually feel a little boozy as well as feverish. The marketing of the flaming hot vodka is done extremely well. It comes in a lovely presentation box, fittingly colored in the blackest of blacks, with white and red lettering, hinting at the fiendish contents within. Whether purchased for honest gifting, practical joking, or simply due to a superfluous abundance of money, Instant Regret Vodka will fit the bill.

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