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Ritual Sister 2.0 Smoked Pineapple

Meet Ritual Sister 2.0 Smoked Pineapple

Made from 100 percent smoked pineapples, fermented with champagne yeast.

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According to Matchbook Distilling Co., Ritual Sister 2.0 Smoked Pineapple is spirits distilled from 4,000 pounds of fresh pineapple. The company smokes and bakes the pineapple in the ground for three days at their research and development facility in New York. Then they open-top ferment the fruit for three weeks before pressing and distillation. The only additive in 2.0 Smoked Pineapple, according to the company, is a light pinch of champagne yeast. The brand says they dreamt up their smoked pineapple spirit and its careful steps during the lockdown. Ritual Sister 2.0 Smoked Pineapple is the result. And it truly is a ritual to produce.

They begin by stacking wood and building fires. Then they lie the pineapples down in a spiral configuration and bury them. Digging up the pineapple slices, fermenting them, and distilling them becomes a celebration of revival and inspiration. Ritual Sister is a collaboration between Matchbook and The Lin Beach House. They say every batch is different, shaped by the weather and the world. It is 40 percent alcohol by volume. Matchbook Distilling Co. suggests drinking it alone or making a 2.0 Smoked Pineapple cocktail with 1.5 oz. of Ritual Sister, some lime, and a little bit of cane sugar. Muddle together and serve over ice.

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