Stillhouse Classic Vodka

Stillhouse Classic Vodka

One-of-a kind packaging isn’t the only distinctive thing about this Classic Vodka.

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$ 29

The masterminds at Stillhouse have made quite a name for themselves with their award-winning whiskies and bourbons. Now the Los Angeles distillery is getting in on the vodka market with its Stillhouse Classic Vodka.

This 100-percent natural and gluten-free vodka is filtered through sugar maple charcoal for a uniquely polished finish. And Stillhouse uses only corn and limestone water from its proprietary estate to make this exceptionally distilled product.

As a clear declaration that its spirits are certainly something different, Stillhouse presents its products in one-of-a kind packaging. Like the whiskies and bourbons that came before it, Stillhouse Classic Vodka comes in a distinctive and unbreakable stainless steel can. To be honest, it looks like a more appropriate container for the likes of turpentine or lighter fluid. But with booze that carries the pedigree of “America’s Finest,” you could probably sell the stuff in a plastic bag!