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Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

Bellroy Unveils The Mod Phone Case + Wallet

A Magnetic locking system keeps the wallet firmly attached to the phone case.

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Founded in 2009 by designers Hadrien Monloup and Andrew Fallshaw, Bellroy is an Australian accessory brand that has produced a wide range of innovative products that include key covers, wallets, folios, bags, pouches, and phone cases. One of the brand’s recent releases, the Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet, combines the best of both worlds in terms of a phone case and wallet. The latest addition to the lineup of phone wallet designs, the Mod Phone Case features a magnetic attachment that secures a credit or bank card to the back of the phone case allowing users to, in essence, carry their phone and wallet together anywhere they go. This attachment can be easily removed from the phone case to allow for other attachments to be added.

Currently, the Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet is available in four colorways—black, basalt, cobalt, and toffee—and is specifically designed for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12. It features a protective coating of polymer and leather to prevent scratches and wear and tear marks from occurring. The wallet attachment allows for storage of up to three cards, and the quick access feature allows users to swipe their primary card without even removing it from the wallet itself. The additional two cards can be safely stored in the back of the wallet. The Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet is backed by the three-year Bellroy warranty.

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