Bellroy Apex Backpack

A Bellroy Backpack 10 Years In The Making

The main interior compartment of the Bellroy Apex Backpack is complemented by toolbelt-style pockets.

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$ 449

For a decade, Bellroy has cultivated a design aesthetic that has made each piece it creates stand out while also standing up to the wear and tear their bags, wallets, and other accessories are put through. The Bellroy Apex Backpack epitomizes the minimalism, functionality, and stylishness that have built that legacy. The backpack is sleek and pared-down from the outside, yet spacious and well-organized within. Its form easily accommodates plenty of gear or just a few essentials, all while looking elegant yet unassuming. 

Made from environmentally certified leather from the Netherlands and water-resistant Baida Nylon, the Bellroy Apex Backpack combines high-quality materials with a bold, fine-tuned, and user-friendly design. Extraneous, fussy, and bulky features have all been cast aside. The main interior compartment is complemented by toolbelt-style pockets with a stretchy, flat-lying design and surprisingly versatile, expandable storage controlled by hassle-free magnet buttons and dual-access zips. That functional and easy to use design makes it a perfect backpack for any trip, whether you’re out on a photography assignment, commuting to the office, or just day-tripping on a getaway.