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Bellroy Flip Case

Bellroy Unveils Its Dual-Sided Flip Case Wallet

The external hard casing is wrapped with Bellroy’s signature eco-tanned leather available in black, basalt, cobalt, green, and toffee.

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$ 89

The esteemed wallet, bag, and accessory brand, Bellroy, has just released the Bellroy Flip Case Wallet. Taking a step back from its traditional approach to design, typically working with classic styles like bifolds or cardholders, Bellroy is forging a new, different direction with the Flip Case Wallet. The wallet is made in a hardshell style, with durable polymer material, providing a safe and secure way to store cash and cards. Externally, this hard casing is wrapped with Bellroy’s signature eco-tanned leather that is high quality and is available in five different colorways.

The Bellroy Flip Case Wallet is very basic, with a simplistic approach to storage and access. In essence, when you open the wallet up it is divided into two distinct sections. Each side allows for storage of up to four cards, eight in total. These credit/debit cards are stacked upon each other but provide easy access through a method in which the cards are slightly spaced and cascaded for easy access to the card of choice when needed. The two sections also provide the area to store your physical cash with a storage capacity of around 4 – 5 bills folded. Keeping everything secure the Flip Case Wallet has a magnetic snap closure mechanism. Measuring 4 x 2.75 x 0.03-inches, the wallet is a great size and aimed at minimalists who tend to carry less and want a hassle-free slimline approach to carrying their belongings.

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