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Sens.ai Allows You To Optimize Your Brainwaves Anywhere, Anytime

Sens.ai claims its headset is the most comprehensive brain training solution offered at home.

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$ 999+

Innovative new technology designed with years of research and design has enabled Sens.ai to create a wearable headset geared toward developing, training, and strengthening brain function in as little as eight weeks. The headset seamlessly blends form with function to create a comfortable, easy-to-use, and practical training session for the brain. Using the latest technology with clinical-grade EEG neurofeedback, infrared light therapy, and heart-rate variability training, Sens.ai promises to deliver a powerful tool to the everyday person. Sens.ai advertises that wearers report significant increases in brain functionality and mood stabilization by using the headset in just three, 20-minute sessions throughout the week. The headset works with pre-set programs accessible through the Sens.ai app.

Choose to relax before bed, prepare for a big meeting, focus concentration, or increase energy. Sens.ai works with patent-pending neurotechnology to train the brain in the comfort of one’s home. The headset is made with high-quality materials to give it a comfortable fit. Additionally, the headset has modern technology like gamma-grade sensors, high-frequency LED lights, and monitoring software to track progress over time. Users can choose between 20 Sens.ai programs that work with the available app. The headset is small enough to use while at the office, relaxing at home, or working on a concentration-laden project. Those interested can purchase the Sens.ai available online starting at $999. The headset is expected to ship in May 2022.

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