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RED Komodo 

RED’s New Komodo 6K Offers An Impressive Level Of Cinema Quality

The RED Komodo is an all-in-one Super 35mm cinema camera.

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$ 5,995

Exceptional detail, striking colors and revolutionary shutter sensor technology make the RED Komodo a must-have for independent filmmakers and those who want an affordable cinema camera. RED’s first camera with autofocus delivers 6K at 40 fps, 6K wide shot at 50 fps and 4K at 60 fps. At only 4 inches wide all around and just 2.1 pounds, the Komodo includes all the components filmmakers need, including a display and microphones. It features a high-resolution touchscreen, compatibility with many EF and PL lenses, and live 4K monitoring output.

Users will have perfect pixels with each shot and the ability to capture fast action sequences without blurred lines. Capture truly cinematic shots with RED’s signature dynamic range capabilities and a flash sensor that adapts to strobes and lightning without compromise. Spend less time fixing footage in post-production with a camera that eliminates rolling shutter artifacts, too. Professional and amateur auteurs alike will find the Komodo the ideal solution to capturing the stories and images that delight, inform, and entertain.