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Porsche Design PDH80

Porsche Design Debuts Its Newest Headphone Model

The newly released headphones boast up to 75 hours of listening time.

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$ 425

Porsche Design recently unveiled the Porsche Design PDH80 over-the-ear headphones. These luxury headphones optimize function and reduce the form to the essentials, keeping with the company’s design philosophy. The Porsche Design PDH80 delivers premium sound quality and clarity with 50mm neodymium acoustic drivers. These headphones offer luxury cushion support and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that eliminates unwanted sound. The metal hinge is reminiscent of Porsche’s automotive design. And the Porsche Design logo is engraved on the right, with a user-friendly touch control panel for easy navigation and multiple function operation by tapping, swiping, or pressing. Users can switch seamlessly between ANC Off, ANC High, ANC Low, and Ambient Sound to adjust to different listening environments.

What’s more, the Porsche Design PDH80 provides wearing detection, automatically pausing music when the user removes the headphones, and they resume playing once the user puts them back on. Additionally, the built-in microphone features echo cancellation and a hands-free wireless connection. These headphones also provide up to 75 hours of battery life. And, with ANC, the company says the headphones offer 50 hours of playtime. Users can pair the PDH80 via Bluetooth with up to two devices, such as a smartphone and a laptop. Porsche also added LEDs on the earcups to indicate the pairing and battery status.

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