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Porsche Design Tec Flex Fountain Pen

Porsche Design’s Tec Flex Fountain Pen

The Tec Flex offers sleek, curved styling and extreme comfort.

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A good fountain pen is a handsome, elegant writing tool that requires little effort to operate because of its unique design. Offering a touch of practical luxury to one’s daily tasks, a fountain pen is a great addition to your workspace. Porsche Design’s Tec Flex Fountain Pen is a prime example of a functional, yet sophisticated writing instrument.

Made by Faber Castell to Porsche Design Studio spec, the Tec Flex Fountain Pen is forged from a cable sheath woven from stainless steel with black resin threads interwoven with the metal. This material is used by the Porsche Le Mans team to shield sensitive electronic connections from heat and mechanical stress. Needless to say, the Tec Flex is extremely hard wearing. The distinctive texture of the Porsche Design fountain pen is extremely comfortable to hold and rests easily in your hand. The pen boasts a rhodinized 18/750 carat gold nib, available in the widths F, M, and B. It accepts a standard cartridge type and can be filled from an inkwell using the converter supplied with the fountain pen.

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