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LAMY ideos

LAMY Adds To Its Family Of Fine Pens With The New ideos Silhouette

This writing instrument duo features high-quality palladium with polished stainless steel clips.

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It is the rare pen that serves as much more than a functional tool. Yet the LAMY ideos are the type of luxury-driven pens worth a second, third, and fourth glance. This game-changing design is distinctive thanks to its highly stylized silhouette that feels utterly natural to the touch. With aesthetic details like polished stainless steel clips, handsome brass, and palladium refinement for edification, these writing instruments capture a sense of expressive modernity with a touch of avant-garde appeal.

The eye-catching LAMY ideos pens are finished with a chrome-plated nib housing that offers subtle contrast. Providing a soft touch that feels almost feathery against paper, it is the type of tool that could be considered downright disruptive to the writing world. Smartly executed with all of the hallmarks of high style and functionality in one, the LAMY pen arrives in a sharp black gift box. It is ideal for gift-giving during the holiday season and makes a wonderful luxury surprise for a special occasion, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or a promotion. The LAMY ideos even provides options: choose from a selection of ink cartridge refills for the fountain pen, ranging from blue and violet to red and green, and ballpoint pen refills in black, blue, and red.

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