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LAMY 2000 Brown 55th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating Its 55th Anniversary, LAMY Releases Its 2000 Brown Piston Fountain Pen

The production of the LAMY 200 Brown requires a combination of high-precision technical processes and sophisticated craftsmanship.

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$ 680

The LAMY 2000 has been a classic design in writing instruments since 1966. To celebrate its 55th anniversary, the brand will soon release the LAMY 2000 Brown 55th Anniversary Edition. The LAMY 2000 Brown is a unique piston fountain pen and is constructed of a durable, dark brown polycarbonate with a PVD coated stainless steel clip of the same color. The pen has a hooded 14ct gold fine nib which is platinum-coated and hand-polished. The LAMY 2000 Brown sits perfectly in the hand and guarantees a special writing experience.

Taking its cues from the German Bauhaus style, the design of the LAMY 2000 beautifully combines aesthetics with everyday function. The pen is delivered in an elegant gift box that includes a softcover leather-bound notebook containing 160-pages of high-quality Biancoflash Natural design paper that was sourced directly from Favini. The notebook even has a folder pocket and pen loop, too. Also included is the biography of the pen’s designer – the great Gerd A. Müller, one of the 20th century’s most significant German industrial designers. All told, it is a thoughtfully designed package designed to celebrate the company and its products and is limited to 3,300 pieces, consecutively numbered.

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