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Shinola Signature Pen Fineliner

Shinola Welcomes The Signature Pen Fineliner To Its Pen Range

This black-ink felt-tip stainless pen is built to last.

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$ 125

Shinola Detroit is perhaps best known among the sartorially savvy as a manufacturer of exceptionally crafted watches and accessories for professionals. Its Signature Pen Fineliner carries across the same consummate engineering and craftsmanship found in its classy timepieces to deliver a stunning pen made from machined stainless steel with a brushed finish. It’s an ideal companion piece that will pair well with the brand’s Special Edition Mackinac Regatta Timer.

While penmanship might be a dying art form, anyone who enjoys honing their handwriting skills or calligraphy will appreciate the Signature Pen Fineliner’s ergonomic and stylish design. It’s also an incredibly precise pen with a flat edge to assist with convenience, giving you the freedom to focus on unleashing your creativity. Made in collaboration with Machine Era, the specialist machining company based in Richmond, Virginia, it’s the perfect everyday carry to add to your collection and take with you in your Shinola Canfield Double Zip Brief.

The Shinola Signature Pen Fineliner is a welcome addition to the company’s expanding range of high-quality pens that combine reliability with stylish design. It can be purchased on Shinola’s website for $125.

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