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The ForeverPen Is The World’s Smallest Inkless Pen

The ForeverPen was designed to limit the impact on the environment by providing a reusable writing implement that will last for years to come.

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Inspired by the centuries-old drawing technique known as silverpoint perfected by renowned artist Leonardo DaVinci, the Kickstarter-backed product known as the ForeverPen is the world’s tiniest pen at just 0.99-inches. Through the use of modern engineering and innovative material science, the product allows users to write on anything, anywhere. Not only does the solid silver composite ink within the pen outperform liquid ink in virtually every way, but it also gives users the ability to write upside down, underwater, and lasts practically forever.

The idea behind the creation of this revolutionary product, the ForeverPen, is immensely simple: have something available to write with at all times, something small enough to never forget, and functional enough to need frequently. The ForeverPen will last longer than 500 pens on average, will open boxes with ease, measures less than an inch, and is resistant to the elements. Designed to be taken on the go, the base of the pen has a pass-through design that gives users the ability to attach it to various items, like keychains or even zippers, increasing its mobility and functionality exponentially. Available in titanium, copper, or brass finishes, the ForeverPen will be shipping by August of this year.

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