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YStudio Series One Writing Instruments

YStudio Series One Writing Instruments Proves Penmanship Isn’t History Yet

A collection of three impressive writing instruments, including a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, and sketching pencil.

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The modern digital world threatens penmanship. People of all ages opt to write notes on their phones or communicate via email rather than old-fashioned letters or postcards. YStudio is a brand working diligently to keep penmanship alive by offering quality writing tools that put the beauty of words on paper.

YStudio pens are so well-liked that the Windup Watch Shop has added them to their carefully curated selection of goods. The founders at the Windup Watch Shop agree with YStudio’s belief that pens hold a deep meaning and inspire creativity in those who hold them.

Series One is the name of the YStudio pens collection at the Windup Watch Shop. It includes a spring-loaded ballpoint pen with a unique exposed spiral and a sketching pencil with 2mm lead, topped with an end cap sharpener. YStudio’s Classic Revolve Fountain Pen is arguably the most sophisticated of the bunch, with its #5 Schmidt steel nib unit and converter or cartridge fill systems.

The curators at the Windup Watch Shop searched for unique and outstanding writing instruments and found them through YStudio. All three pens are brass with black paint. A piece of sandpaper is included, just in case the customer wants to customize their purchase.

The pens and pencil are chic, sophisticated, and designed to put thoughts and creativity on paper. They’re available now via the Windup Watch Shop website.

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