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The 1937 Series

Allegory Pens Unveils The 1937 Series: A Remarkable Blend Of History And Craftsmanship

The collection includes a bolt-action ballpoint, a rollerball, and a fountain pen, all featuring the iconic teak decking.

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Allegory Pens, renowned for transforming materials with intriguing stories into everyday objects, has unveiled its latest creations: the 1937 Series Bolt-Action Ballpoint, a rollerball, and a fountain pen. These exceptional writing instruments are meticulously handcrafted from the original teak deck of the USS North Carolina, an illustrious WWII battleship turned museum in Wilmington, North Carolina. The launch of this extraordinary collection marks Allegory’s return to Kickstarter, following the success of over 20 previous crowdfunding projects supported by thousands of enthusiastic backers.

The tale behind the 1937 Series is captivating. In a world teetering on the brink of war, shipyard workers in New York rallied together in 1937 to construct the USS North Carolina. Nicknamed “The Showboat,” she played a pivotal role during World War II, earning a reputation as one of the most distinguished ships in the Pacific Fleet. Surviving multiple attacks and participating in major engagements, the USS North Carolina became an emblem of resilience and triumph.

The 1937 Series pens pay homage to the USS North Carolina’s legacy and the dedication of her crew. Crafted with solid brass hardware and a bolt-action mechanism in place of the traditional click mechanism, these retractable ballpoint pens offer a tactile and durable writing experience. The body of the pen features the distinguished 1937 series engraving, while the back comes with two options: a flat brass back or a stylus tip for versatile functionality.

The collection expands beyond the bolt-action ballpoint to include a rollerball and fountain pen, both adorned with the original teak decking of the USS North Carolina. The rollerball utilizes a 110mm Euro rollerball refill, ensuring a smooth writing experience, while the fountain pen boasts a German-made Jowo #5 stainless steel nib, offering a touch of flexibility and a slightly wetter flow. The fountain pen is compatible with short international ink cartridges and standard piston converters, offering flexibility in ink choices.

Each pen in the 1937 Series is not only a work of art but also a symbol of history, with the durability to become a cherished heirloom. By acquiring these writing instruments, you contribute to the preservation of the USS North Carolina’s teak deck, as proceeds from the sale of these deck boards support the museum.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and hold a piece of history in your hand with Allegory Pens’ 1937 Series. With its captivating story and exceptional craftsmanship, this collection serves as a reminder of the resilience and triumph of the human spirit. Join the Kickstarter campaign and make these remarkable pens a part of your everyday journey.

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