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Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen

The interchangeable cap system of the Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen allows it to be used as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or stylus.

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The measure of a man is more than just his character and the clothes on his back. Personal style and refinement extend right down to how they communicate. Perhaps there is no better or more elegant way to communicate than with a personal writing instrument and premium stationery. For the discerning customer, Inventery produces some of the best. The Los Angeles based company is well known for its understated yet high-quality writing instruments.

The Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen is a focal point of the brand’s collection. This isn’t just a fine writing tool; it is a compact, stylish, and multifaceted apparatus. The pen has been designed with an interchangeable cap system that allows users to vary between a clip, stylus, keychain, or go completely clip-less. An added universal stylus cap is also included to allow users to operate it with touch screens or tablets.

When it comes time to let the ink roll, the pen has a Schmidt FH 241 fine point nib with nine refillable cartridges. The pen is also presented with a 0.5 PRS interchangeable ballpoint head. With a sleek and slimline body that measures 10cm, the pen cap can be screwed on the back to extend the barrel. When used with an available Pocket Extender, the fountain pen magically becomes a full-length pen without the attached cap.