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Master & Dynamic Introduces Its MW75 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

The MW75 uses lambskin to cover the padded headband and a thick layer of memory foam on each ear cup.

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$ 599

New York-based audio company Master & Dynamic has just announced the launch of its MW75 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones. Typical of Master & Dynamic, the construction of the MW75s is excellent. The brand has done away with the MW65s earcup fork and external slider rod design and replaced instead with a stunning polished aluminum single-sided pivot that extends into fully integrated sliders that disappear into the leather headband. The outer surface is a sheet of tempered glass, encircled by a perforated aluminum ring, and printed with M&D’s hexagonal logo.

The MW75 features 3 Active Noise-Cancelling modes that adapt to the user’s environment. The new Adaptive Active Noise-Cancellation uses 4 microphones to intuitively adjust the ANC to match the noise level of your surroundings, providing a seamless audio experience in any environment, even on the go. Users can access two additional ANC modes, customize their sound with EQ adjustments, and access Ambient Listening modes to tune into their surroundings within the M&D Connect App. “As with all our ANC products, we set out to create a headphone with polished, intentional design and Active Noise-Cancellation that does not detract from the overall sound experience but enhances it. With the MW75, you can go anywhere and hear your music as it was intended to sound,” says Master & Dynamic Founder & CEO Jonathan Levine.

Speaking of sound, the new MW75s are reported to sound fantastic, and with a 40-millimeter Beryllium driver in each ear cup, the sound is powerful, clear, and crisp. The Master & Dynamic MW75s feature dedicated volume up and down buttons on the right ear cup and a separate button for playback control. On the left ear cup are a power button (which also activates the Bluetooth pairing mode) and a dedicated button for switching between the MW75’s ANC and ambient sound boosting modes, or turning them off altogether.

The Master & Dynamic MW75 comes with a formed-felt hard zippered carrying case with thick sidewalls that includes accessories like a headphone cable, a charging cable, and an adapter for airplane seat headphone jacks for travelers that want to shut out the airplane noise. The MW75 will be available in Gunmetal/Black Leather, Silver Metal/Grey/Leather, Silver Metal/Brown Leather, and Black Metal/Black Leather starting on June 28th.

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