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Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

Master & Dynamic Unveils The New MW08 Sport Earbuds

A rugged, lighter sport version of Master & Dynamic’s MW08 True Wireless Earphones.

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$ 349

Master & Dynamic has added a sports-oriented earbud to its MW08 line dubbed the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport. Despite “sport” being tacked on to their name, these earbuds closely resemble the MW08 in design — though Master & Dynamic says it is using sapphire glass this time instead of the ceramic used on the regular MW08s. The company claims they are also shatter-resistant and ready for your most intense workouts. The buds are rated IPX5 for water and sweat resistance, which matches the MW08s. Instead of coming with the same shiny, stainless steel case as Master & Dynamic’s previous earbuds, these include a redesigned case made from woven Kevlar fiber. Even the case can handle some of your sweat, thanks to the IPX4 rating.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport earbuds have two different ambient listening modes to choose from depending on one’s needs and depending on how aware you want to be while wearing them outdoors. They have memory foam ear tips to help guarantee the most comfortable fit possible. But the real beauty has to do with the 11mm Beryllium acoustic drivers — technology that offers an incredibly wide soundstage, all while creating a rich, warm sonic signature that actually makes users feel like they are listening to their favorite bands right there in the same space with them.

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