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Naglev Combat Waterproof

Naglev Introduces Its Multi-Sport Boot, The Combat Waterproof

The Naglev Combat boot is constructed from a single piece of Kevlar® wrapped around a thermo-regulating wool sock.

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$ 280

The Naglev Combat Waterproof boot is an innovation that is a long time coming. The concept is a multisport boot that works equally well with everyday leisure activities and serious hiking. These boots are stylish and comfortable enough to hit the ground running in a cosmopolitan city like New York, yet utilitarian enough to serve under the harshest conditions on a mountainside. The tread is deep and rugged. Fashioned into what can only be described as warplanes headed for their target, the tread leaves a lasting impression in natural rubber. Inside, the footbed is constructed with vegetable-tanned leather interwoven with coconut fibers, maximizing comfort and style.

Of course, these boots are waterproof, able to traverse swathes of snow in cities and rugged terrain. The outer shell is actually made of Kevlar, so if real combat ever happens, the wearer is uniquely protected. Nine eyelets running up each side ensure a snug fit that nestles the ankle. Even the inside is waterproof, with a waterproof liner and a wool tongue that just feels good. Considered virtually indestructible, nonetheless, these boots come with the option of replacing relevant components should any part wear out or get damaged based on regular wear and tear. This is a pair of boots that clearly has a purpose — to serve a function and satisfy aesthetics with every step.

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