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Naglev Vulcano

Crafted From Kevlar, Naglev Presents The Vulcano

Designed for speed hiking, the shoes are wrapped in a single piece of Kevlar for maximum durability.

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$ 260

Available exclusively at Huckberry, the new Naglev Vulcano is a highly durable speed hiking shoe that combines the support of a hiking boot with the agility of a trail runner. Made with a single piece of Kevlar, it wraps around all of the structural elements (including the lugs) to create the ultimate protective and adaptive shell for your feet. The upper is characterized as tearproof, with salt resistance, cut resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Naglev’s aim has always been to innovate the footwear production system, and its new Vulcanos are built with environment-friendly manufacturing practices, meaning the carbon footprint is significantly reduced but still with uncompromised quality. The shoes are 100% water-resistant, so they can be worn for any kind of outdoor adventure. The Naglev Vulcanos will keep your feet cool and dry, thanks to an eco-friendly lycra interior liner that is quick-drying and moisture-wicking. The outsole is constructed of Michelin natural rubber and the shoe’s midsole is dual-density EVA – both of which are natural and durable enough so that they will not deteriorate quickly.

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