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Oliver Sweeney Citerna Hiker Boot

Oliver Sweeney Presents The Rugged Citerna Hiker Boot

The Citerna Hiker Boots have a casual, lived in look that are equally at home in your local bar as well as the great outdoors.

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Built for endurance and harsh terrain, the Oliver Sweeney Citerna Hiker Boot combines carefully crafted structure with rugged style. Constructed in the Norwegian welt design to prevent water seepage into the boot, the Citerna Hiker also has a leather lining and insock. The oiled calf suede upper platform has an extra row of stitches to the lightweight St. Moritz cleated sole, ensuring both durability and comfort. The dark brown suede and brass hardware combine beautifully for a casual, hardy appearance.

The Oliver Sweeney Citerna Hiker has been engineered to be resilient, but also comfortable, cushioning the foot on inclines, as well as declines. The suede is also easily maintained, able to be dried with a towel if wet and then stored in a dark, dry place to preserve the structural integrity of the boot, as well as the style. Available in grey and dark brown, the Citerna Hiker is wilderness-ready and built to last, wherever it goes.

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