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Flokehyttene Cabins by Holon Arkitektur

Located On The North Sea, The Flokehyttene Cabins Have A Deep Connection To Nature

Each of the Flokehyttene cabins maximizes sea views, with vast panoramic windows framing the rocky landscape and the waves beyond.

Located in Sveio, on a rocky headland overlooking the North Sea in western Norway, are five cabins named the Flokehyttene cabins, recently designed and constructed by Norwegian architecture firm, Holon Arkitektur. Commissioned by the Haugesund Tourist Association, Holon Arkitektur was asked to design a series of small, self-contained cabins for tourism purposes. The Tourist Association also stipulated that the construction of the cabins must have minimal impact on the terrain. Therefore, only four holes for each cabin were drilled in the rock to anchor the steel columns, but no digging or leveling took place.

The Flokehyttene cabins are forged into the landscape, and their triangular shape and flat cut were carefully planned to withstand the harsh weather conditions that sometimes ravage the coastal area along the North Sea. Separate wooden walkways lead up to each of the cabins. While the Flokehyttene cabins are small, they are designed to bring the occupants close to nature and draw in the spectacular ocean views.  Four of the cabins can accommodate up to five people, and include a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, whereas the largest cabin can house up to ten people. At the heart of each cabin is a fireplace that allows guests to keep warm and cozy inside while relaxing in the large panoramic window seats, watching the waves crashing just outside the cabin. In the words of Roald Bø, the architect behind the Flokehyttene cabins, “Good architecture cares. It should give more than it takes.” It appears that the cabins are an accurate reflection of this sentiment.