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Palm Buds Pro

Palm Is Back With Its New ‘Buds Pro’

These are true wireless earbuds that feature a lightweight design and Active Noise Canceling.

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$ 99

Having the right wireless earbuds is a necessary part of life nowadays. Being able to hear music and video in high-quality sound through a smartphone is a part of everyone’s world in this modern era. Of course, Apple makes a well-known pair, but there are other companies doing great work with sound quality. The new Palm Buds Pro are earbuds that have all the features required for an excellent listening experience and so much more. When used for calls, the Palm Buds Pro provide crisp and clear sound, without any random interference. The booming bass of the 10 mm speakers allows each note of music to come in vibrantly and melodically as a private recording studio would be.

Plus, Palm’s 6 microphone noise canceling feature will make it feel like the noisy outside world is not a problem. The buds are well-suited for airplane travel to escape all the annoying sounds in that environment. When on ambient mode, the sounds around a person will still come through easily. This is a studio-grade sound that works with iOS or Android systems. The smart control touch system is a breeze to use, and with 24-hour playtime, the Palm Buds Pro do not need constant charging, which is ideal. Fortunately, at this price point, these are earbuds that will not break the bank if they get misplaced. The Palm Buds Pro come in a clean Satin Black finish, and, if you want to keep them protected and scratch-free, Palm is offering silicone cases that come in several colors for an additional $15.00.

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