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House K by Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten

Dietrich|Untertrifaller Architekten Presents House K

Designed with maximum transparency and openness, House K makes the most of its small, hillside lot.

Located in the bucolic town of Sulzberg in northern Austria is House K by Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten, a stunning example of contemporary architecture. Tasked with building a family home on a small hillside plot of land in a densely built-up residential area, the architects had no choice but to build upward, creating a three-story residence. Accessed from the street running alongside the structure, the owners enter the house on the top level via a wide footbridge. This second level contains a garage, a small guest room, and a spacious, open area that constitutes the living room and kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling windows occupy the entire south side of the residence, allowing the family to fully enjoy the views of the Vorarlberg mountains in the distance. A glass-walled terrace runs the length of the house and is covered by the wide cantilevered roof panel that provides protection from the elements and excessive sunlight.

A self-supporting wooden staircase with glass walls cuts through all three levels of the residence. From the second level, the staircase leads down to the first level where a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, and sauna are located. On the south side of this floor, too, are the large windows and a large terrace, echoing the features found on the floor above. The ground floor houses a granny flat and an office. From this level, one enters a covered garden terrace at ground level. The two lower levels of the home are built in exposed concrete in a rough plank formwork. Vertical silver fir strips alternate with the horizontal plank cladding of the ceiling panels which reflect the home’s façade and emphasize the strictly geometric structure of the house. The furnishings, largely made of silver fir, beautifully complement the walls and ceilings and the floors that are constructed with sawn oak.

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