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Everrati Land Rover Series IIA

Everrati Land Rover Series IIA Is A Concours Restored Electric Off-Road SUV

Retro styling with modern horsepower encapsulated in a timeless classic.

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$ 206,000+

Everrati is a bespoke company that takes classic vehicles and converts them to electric. Its most recent addition to its catalog of cars is the legendary Land Rover Series IIA. According to Everrati’s website, its goal is to “redefine the most iconic cars and make them relevant to the world today,” a line that uses the word relevant in a way certain petrol-heads may disagree with. Nevertheless, Everrati goes beyond simply gutting an oil-burning engine and swapping in a battery pack.

When a customer orders an Everrati Land Rover Series IIA, they are getting a premium electric restomod. Everrati takes painstaking measures to deliver the utmost quality. Each model undergoes a Concours-standard restoration conducted by Land Rover specialists before being fitted with a 60-kWh battery pack. Once completed, the Everrarti Land Rover Series IIA will produce 150-hp, double the power of its original 70-hp. Everrarti claims its electric Land Rover Series IIA can accelerate from zero to 60 in 13 seconds and deliver over 100 miles of range.

In addition to more power, Everrarti Land Rover Series IIA is more luxurious. Standard features include a leather interior, power steering and brakes, a premium audio system, and a galvanized chassis. Best of all, the electric conversion is revisable if the owner decides to lapse back into gasoline power. Of course, all this top-shelf quality comes with a six-figure price tag, but what you get for your money is a personalized, fully-restored, modern classic Land Rover.

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Everrati Land Rover Series IIA

Everrati Land Rover Series IIA

$ 206,000+
  • Battery Pack: 60-kWh
  • Max Power: 150-hp
  • Max Range: 100 miles
  • 0-60 time: 13 seconds