Smit Vehicle Engineering Debuts The Oletha, A Redesigned BMW Z8 Coupe With Over 450-HP - IMBOLDN
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Smit Vehicle Engineering Oletha

Smit Vehicle Engineering Debuts The Oletha, A Redesigned BMW Z8 Coupe With Over 450-HP

The Oletha is the BMW sports car of Smit Vehicle Engineering’s dreams.

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Smit Vehicle Engineering (SVE) restores and modifies BMWs for clients. However, recently, SVE unveiled its design interpretation of the BMW Z8. Similar to Singer’s vision of the Porsche 911, Smit Vehicle Engineering has built the Oletha, a coupe variant of the BMW Z8 roadster. SVE describes the Oletha as the sports car they wish BMW had built. First debuted in 2000, the BMW Z8 was offered as a convertible with an optional hardtop. The SVE Oletha is a coupe hardtop with enhanced styling cues and upgraded performance to create a unique vehicle with a familiar face.

The Smit Vehicle Engineering Oletha was created from the ground up. It was rebuilt using a carbon fiber composite. Looking at the Oletha, compared to an original BMW Z8, you can see that SVE put great effort into creating a subtle bespoke sports car. SVE smoothed out the car’s lines for a more defined shape with no clutter or wasted space. The kidney grille appears to have been reshaped and features a new hood scoop incorporated by SVE. However, it’s the rear roofline that captures our attention. The SVE Oletha’s curves should have their own OnlyFans account.

Under the hood of the Oletha, the factory BMW 4.4-liter V8 engine received a claimed 450+ horsepower power bump using carbon fiber intake manifolds with a stainless steel and Inconel exhaust system. Other performance upgrades include AP Racing brakes, monoblock wheels, carbon fiber sport seats, and a premium audio sound system. No info as to how much an SVE Oletha will cost, but if you want one, start looking for a used BMW Z8 to use as a donor car.

For another type of modification, check out the 1989 BMW E30 M3.

Smit Vehicle Engineering Oletha

  • Engine: 4.4-liter V8
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual
  • Power: 450 HP
  • Curb Weight: 3,090 lbs.