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Cooler Master ORB X

Cooler Master Unveils The ORB X Semi-Enclosed Workstation

The Cooler Master ORB X workstation is enclosed in a fully motorized shuttle dome which maximizes privacy.

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Cooler Master has revealed what it is calling its fully immersive, multi-purpose, semi-enclosed workstation for professionals and gamers alike. The Cooler Master Orb X has a sleek, desk space housed in a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for privacy. Enhanced visual and audio capabilities truly elevate the immersion: the Orb X supports up to three 27-inch monitors, and surround sound speakers are housed directly in the workstation to create a realistic, accurate soundstage even without headphones. Plus, there is a 2.1 immersive sound system housed directly inside the workstation itself for a true spatial audio experience. The egg-shaped enclosure has a newly designed ergonomic recliner that provides an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest for comfort customized to the user.

There is a compartment at the rear of the Cooler Master Orb X that folds out and has a sliding tray meant to hold your gaming rig, work PC, or perhaps even game consoles. Everything is enclosed so wiring shouldn’t be an issue. It appears that Cooler Master’s Orb X will be offered in a choice of white or black color schemes, and RGB lighting looks to be prominently featured throughout — in fact, every edge of the ORB X has an RGB light strip. Cooler Master has yet to reveal pricing or availability for the Orb X, but gamers will surely be chomping at the bit to find out.

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