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Razer Project Brooklyn

Razer Introduces Next-Gen Concept Gaming Chair, Project Brooklyn, at CES 2021

Project Brooklyn offers gamers one product to support gaming on all platforms.

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Razer’s Project Brooklyn concept gaming chair takes the gaming experience to another level entirely. It is a futuristic-looking gaming chair designed to offer a cockpit-style gaming experience. The concept takes the curved gaming display to the max by using a rollable 60-inch OLED panel to create a 180-degree field of view. But what makes the chair really futuristic is how it can deploy or retract the OLED panel into the seat’s backbone with a simple press of a button. The OLED panel will literally scroll back into the mounted stand which will then recede into the chair’s spine.

Project Brooklyn’s gaming chair has 4D armrests that house retractable table panels that can be extended out. When using a PC with a mouse and keyboard, both panels can be extended to form a table. If a gamer wants to use a controller or console, the panels retract into the armrest for freedom of movement. Finally—and this is the best part—to create more immersion, the chair also comes with haptic feedback. So expect the seat to vibrate if your game character jumps into water or lands from a long fall. The chair can easily connect to your PC or gaming device using cables that run from the back of the chair. The entire space-age look is completed with RGB lighting around the outside of the chair. Since Project Brooklyn is a concept, Razer could not say specifically when it will be available or what the price point will be, but we will be sure to advise of any further developments.

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