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Razer White Edition Collection

Razer’s Fresh Take: The Stylish White Edition Collection

Razer’s new white accessory range combines powerful hardware with a sleek, clean look.

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For many gamers, Razer is one of the go-to brands for high-end accessories and peripherals that can withstand the most demanding, fast-paced gaming experiences. Its keyboards, controllers, eSports mouse options, headsets, and microphones incorporate precise engineering with stylish and ergonomic designs.

This dedication to quality and a clear understanding of what gamers expect is reflected in the new Razer White Edition Collection, which offers a complete set of accessories for the whole gaming experience. The collection includes an eSports mouse for all user cases, ranging from the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro and Viper V2 Pro to the sleek DeathAdder Essential, featuring a 6,400 DPI optical sensor.

For gamers who prefer a standard controller over the traditional PC gaming mouse and keyboard combination, the Razer White Edition Collection has this covered with the Wolverine V2 and V2 Chroma. Packed with additional multi-function buttons, interchangeable thumbstick caps, and a hair trigger mode, they are complemented by a stylish universal quick-charging stand that replicates the brand’s approach to design.

For crisp audio and instant communication in multiplayer online matches, the Razer White Edition Collection’s BlackShark V2 Pro and its HyperSpeed variation merge TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers with rapid wireless technology for unnoticeable lags and delays. There’s even a compact USB microphone with a tap-to-mute feature for those who enjoy mixing up their gaming sessions with podcasting.

Unified by the white color theme that defines the aesthetic approach, the Razer White Edition Collection is a comprehensive suite of peripherals optimized for the modern gaming experience.

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