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LEGO Notre-Dame de Paris

LEGO Brings Gothic Grandeur To Life With Notre-Dame De Paris Set

This architectural model kit takes you on a historic building journey from 1163, when the first stone was laid.

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$ 230

LEGO continues to surprise collectors with its diverse and unique luxury sets, introducing a series of architectural wonders in addition to its more familiar movie and comic book franchise tie-ins. The latest release to reproduce one of the world’s iconic architectural designs is the LEGO Notre-Dame de Paris. This medieval Catholic cathedral sits at the heart of the French capital.

As with the LEGO Taj Mahal, Giza pyramids, and Statue of Liberty, the LEGO Notre-Dame de Paris is a beautifully detailed scale replication that captures the essence of the original construction. Comprised of over 4,300 pieces, it’s an accurate reproduction of the Paris landmark that draws on the building’s historic construction process, from its origins in 1163 to its completion many years later.

Every detail of Notre-Dame has been painstakingly reconstructed in LEGO form, from the gorgeous rose windows to the buildable trees surrounding the perimeter. The LEGO Notre-Dame de Paris also features a removable roof to allow for a full view of the building’s interior columns and arches, and you can easily lift the tower roofs for closer inspection.

History buffs will likely relish the construction process and the detailed step-by-step guide to the model kit accessible via the LEGO® Builder app or booklet. The guide also features Notre-Dame’s background and an interview with the model’s designer. It’s another welcome addition to LEGO’s ongoing Architecture Landmarks Collection for hands-on creatives looking for a new challenge. The LEGO Notre-Dame de Paris set will be available on June 1st for $230.

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